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a man using golf practice net on a ship

The Best Golf Simulator For Endless Hours Of Golfing Fun

After a long summer of hitting the links, you've finally got your handicap where you want it. But now that the days are getting...
Arbily Fitness Tracker - how do fitness trackers track sleep

How Do Fitness Trackers Track Sleep? The Science Behind It All

Image from Amazon For a few decades we have marveled at the ability of our fitness trackers to record and analyze our every move. They...
GoPro Cam is recording the field

GoPro Karma Grip Review: The Best Stabilizer for Your GoPro?

Imagine you're hiking with friends and family, and the scenery is beautiful. So you pull out your GoPro and film the day's events. Later,...
is this the best gaming headset under 100?

What’s the Best Gaming Headset Under 100?

Finding the best gaming headset under $100 isn't easy. There is a wide variety to choose from, and each one comes with its own set of pros and cons.
four people with backpacks - best backpacking solar charger

The Best Backpacking Solar Charger Models

The best backpacking solar charger is small, lightweight, durable, and powerful. Does a perfect charger exist? Let's find out.
best satellite phone

Best Satellite Phone Smackdown

When you're looking for the best satellite phone that you can buy, finding the information you need can get tricky. There aren't many reviews...
gopro hero 4 vs 5

GoPro HERO 4 vs. 5 Comparison

If you live an active lifestyle or just like taking great photos, a debate between GoPro HERO 4 vs 5 may rage in your...
man and woman running together - best sports watch

Best Sports Watch Models for Active Men

Whether you're a seasoned athlete or a beginner just starting to get in shape, you're going to need a good sports watch. The best...
best hiking GPS

The Best Hiking GPS for Every Type of Hiking Situation

When people ask me why they can't just use Google Maps on their iPhone during a hike, I tell them because of reception. With...