Everything You Need To Know About GoPro Battery Life

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You spot a sea turtle off the coast and point your GoPro at it underwater, only to realize the GoPro has suddenly shut off.

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Catching every exciting moment of your mountain bike expedition goes sour when your GoPro runs out of power before you reach the trail. Has something like this ever happened to you?

Learn the limits of your GoPro battery life and how to maximize every drop of energy. We will tell you everything you need to know.

What Is GoPro Battery Life?

GoPro battery life is the time you can use your GoPro in a mode before the battery runs out of energy. Every GoPro model has a different maximum battery life, along with different ways you can get the most out of them; but the average GoPro has a battery life between one and two hours.


GoPro states the average battery life for each of their GoPro models on their website. GoPro tests a new battery in an ideal environment and records the battery life using different video settings and features. The lowest recorded battery life times are those with the highest video settings.

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A 4K 60FPS video recording session will use much more battery life than a 1080P 30FPS recording session. Setting WiFi and GPS off also makes a marked increase in battery performance. For example, a Hero 5 Black's battery life on a moderate video setting without WiFi and GPS was well over two hours. With the features turned on in 4K 60FPS, the battery life is reduced to under one hour and 30 minutes.

Since GoPro tests the battery life with all new batteries in a test environment, you may not have the same results. Your battery is probably older, and if you have a Hero 4 it could be a few years old. If you are getting much less battery life than reported by GoPro, your battery may have to be replaced with a newer one.

Can You Extend The Battery Life For Your GoPro?

Did you know that you can increase your GoPro's battery life? You can extend GoPro battery life with changes in personal handling habits and GoPro settings. 

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If you want to extend the battery life by several hours, however, you will need an accessory. There are accessories used for recharging the internal battery or adding additional battery life while the GoPro is in use.

Accessories That Extend the GoPro Battery Life

Recharge on the Go With a Power Bank

Using a Grip Battery Charger

Get It All With the GoPro Bacpac

9 Ways To Extend Your GoPro Battery Life

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There are some surprising habits and features that are reducing your battery life, and we'll show you which ones to look out for.

1. Accessories to Avoid

2. Keep Out of Cold Temperatures

3. Auto-Off Should Be Turned On

4. Unnecessary Features That Are Draining Your Battery

5. Energy-Saving Tips for the LCD Display

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6. Voice-Control Uses Battery Life

7. Keep Your Firmware Up to Date

8. Quick Capture Sips Energy

9. Great Quality Video Uses Great Battery Life


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There are plenty of ways to optimize your GoPro's battery life. The easiest way to start is by looking at the features you have turned on that are draining your battery. Check for updates from GoPro and look at your GoPro settings and see if there is a feature you can turn off or on to maximize your GoPro battery life.

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There are many GoPro users who can't do without the highest quality video or need to use the features that drain the battery quickly. We recommend checking out the accessories that you could use to get extra hours out of your battery.

Add hours to your battery life or recharge your battery on the go. Bringing an extra battery is a start, and for those who need to film continuously, the Bacpac or a grip will work well.

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