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When fitness trackers first came on the market, I was sure they were a fad. Like P90X, I felt wearables like those in our Moov Now review would have their spotlight then all of a sudden fade from sight.

I silently judged my friends as they pretentiously tapped their Fitbits. If they were true athletes, they wouldn't need to waste money on useless gadgets. They'd just go out and exercise! Then I remembered I quit P90X after two months.

It wasn't that it was too tiring. It was that I didn't see any progress no matter how much I flexed in the mirror. And that's when I realized how useful fitness trackers really are. Extreme athletes don't need help making it to the gym, sure, but us everyday humans need a little motivation to get moving. And fitness trackers give us just enough bells and whistles to drag ourselves out and become healthier individuals.

What is the Moov Now?

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The Moov Now is both a workout regimen and fitness tracker. The device itself is a little sensor that you wear on your wrist or ankle. There's no screen on it, but it connects to an app on your phone. Once connected, you can access various workout routines and health data. And during workout routines, the Moov Now will give you real-time feedback on your performance and form. It's perfect for someone looking to get into fitness in a fun and engaging way.

How We Compiled Our Moov Now Review

  • Features and specs
  • Tech reviews
  • Amazon reviews

While compiling our Moov Now review, we first looked at the Moov Now's features and specs. For our next step, we looked at what tech reviewers had to say about how the device actually performs. After that, we looked at reviews by Amazon reviewers to get a good look at what the majority of buyers had to say. Once we got a good idea at how well reviewed the Moov Now was, we worked on summarizing the information for you. We focused on including the most relevant features and reviews to help you decide if the Moov Now is worth your money.

How's it different from every other fitness tracker?

The most apparent difference is the lack of a screen. However, that's not the biggest difference. What differentiates the Moov Now most from the standard fitness tracker is its focus on workouts. The Moov Now is less of a personal fitness diary and more of a personal trainer. The device guides you through entire workouts, and the information provided centers around your performance on your latest workout.

Personal coaching

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During workouts, the Moov Now notifies you of your progress. For example, it lets you know if you're on track to completing your run on time. It also gives you tips on perfecting your form when exercising. Along with real-time coaching, the Moov Now has a load of workout routines for you to try out. There are workouts for running, cycling, swimming, circuit training, and boxing (unfortunately boxing requires two Moov Nows).

In-depth workout monitoring

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The Moov Now measures valuable data when you exercise, helping you see where you can make progress next time. With data such as total calories burned, an impact score when running, and stroke rate when swimming, you see just how well you're performing.

How the Moov Now can genuinely help you train

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If you're looking to finally start exercising, the Moov Now is great motivation. Seeing the progress detailed on your phone and advancing through the various levels of difficulty give you a sense of accomplishment. And the various workout routines teach you plenty of exercises and show you how to do them correctly. More advanced athletes will also enjoy the tips on form and the detailed information the device gives you on your workouts.

Specs and features

Moov Now


28 millimeter (1.1-inch) diameter


6 grams

Bands length

22.5 cm

32.5 cm


Standard coin

Up to 6 months





The Moov Now is a small disk with a 28-millimeter (1.1-inch) diameter that weighs six grams. It comes with two bands for your wrist and ankle, each with a length of 22.5-centimeters (8.86-inches) and 32.5-centimeters (128-inches) respectively. The device uses a standard coin battery that should last up to six months. To measure activity, the Moov Now uses an accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer.

Impressions from reviewers and buyers

customer reviews

We found TechRadar and CNET's reviews offered great glimpses into the Moov Now's performance. Both publishers gave the device an honest look and discussed how both beginner and advanced athletes would enjoy the Moov Now. To give the device a fair look in our Moov Now review, we also looked at what Amazon reviewers had to say. We felt their reviews balanced out the hyper-critical look of a tech reviewer.


For TechRadar’s Moov Now review the author used the tracker for five consecutive days. He tried out the device’s various workouts to see what he liked and didn’t. Right off the bat, TechRadar’s tester said the Moov Now’s workout tracking is on point. When completing workouts, he noted the tracker rarely missed a rep. This is a big plus, since the device is more workout-oriented than lifestyle-oriented.

Speaking of workouts, TechRadar's reviewer appreciated the wearable's live tips on form and progress. Along with that, he felt the workouts had a good progression system in place. One of the biggest drawbacks he noticed was that the workouts got stale after a while. Although they vary in difficulty as you make progress, you're still stuck doing the same routines. He also noted the cardio boxing workout basically required a second Moov Now, and that you need an elaborate setup to even do it.

Looking at the entire device, the reviewer saw it as useful but not incredible. According to his review, the live workout monitoring and overall fitness monitoring is helpful, but he also felt the device's day to day fitness data wasn't precise. He summarized his Moov Now review by saying the device has a lot of varied workouts. If you're a beginner or intermediate fitness enthusiast, TechRadar's reviewer felt there's a lot to get out of the device for its price. But if you already have your own workout regimen, he felt the Moov Now might not be right for you.


Similarly, CNET said in their Moov Now review that the wearable is best for beginners. They felt the workouts were in depth, but that the day-to-day fitness tracking didn't live up to the Moov Now's competition. The reviewer felt the Moov Now provided useful measurements for more advanced athletes, but didn't like how you had to keep your phone on you to make use of the device.

Diving deeper into the workouts, CNET's Moov Now review said the wearable gave helpful tips and encouragement for beginners. They mentioned how each exercise had a how-to video paired with it which will help beginners learn the ropes. The tips on form help new athletes perfect the basics of their workouts. For more experienced folks, the reviewer felt there wasn't as much to get out of the live updates. However, he felt the veteran athletes would still enjoy the post-workout information. Overall, CNET's Moov Now review said that the device provides useful data and coaching for people starting a workout regimen. It will help newer athletes master the fundamentals of exercise in a fun and unique way.


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For a 3.3 out of 5 star rating on Amazon, the Moov Now has a lot of buyers saying they absolutely love it. It seems to be one of those devices that you'll either love or just find useless. One of the biggest features buyers love is its in-depth workout data. With information as detailed as how hard your feet were impacting the ground, the Moov Now helps athletes finely tune their workouts for optimal performance. On a similar note, Amazon reviewers enjoy the live coaching the wearable provides. Throw in noticeable progression through "levels," an affordable price, and great battery life, and you can imagine why the everyday fitness enthusiast would love the Moov Now.

However, not everyone left a Moov Now review that reads like a love letter. Some reviewers knocked the device for its inaccuracies in sleep tracking. Others felt the lack of a display was a pain. And a good amount of buyers were dissatisfied with the band that comes with the device, saying it came loose way too often. In general, buyers who wanted to use the Moov Now as a day-to-day fitness tracker were left disgruntled. The buyers that enjoyed the Moov Now seemed to be the ones who enjoyed using it as a way to get a deeper analysis of their workouts.

Looking at the price

The Moov Now is one of the most affordable fitness trackers on the market. You can purchase the Moov Now on

How the Moov Now Holds Up Against Competing Fitness Trackers

To round out our Moov Now review we put this wearable up against other top fitness trackers to see how it fared. We felt the iconic Fitbit Charge 3, feature rich Garmin Vivosmart 4, and the lighthearted Amazfit Bip would be suitable challengers.

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Focused more on your lifestyle than the Moov Now, the Fitbit Charge 3 comes with a plethora of features. In fact, the Charge 3 balances the line between smartwatch and fitness tracker. For example, the wearable comes with a touchscreen, smartphone notifications, and heart rate monitoring packed into it. Also, unlike the Moov Now, you can set workout goals with the Fitbit Charge 3, helping you track long-term fitness progress. The device will automatically detect if you're running, cycling, etc., and log that information for you.

To help you track your overall health, the Charge 3 also monitors your sleep, steps, and calories burned throughout the day. As you can see, the Fitbit Charge 3 has a lot more to it than the Moov Now. Along with the price, the Charge 3 also doesn't have a GPS built into it, so you'll have to keep it connected to your phone to record distance traveled. Rated 3.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the Charge 3 is ideal if you're looking for more overarching fitness monitoring compared to the Moov Now.

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The Garmin Vivosmart 4 is great for both daily fitness monitoring and workout analysis. For day-to-day monitoring, the tracker has a unique feature called the "body battery" that estimates your current energy level. Taking into account stress, physical activity, and sleep, the measure gives you a percentage reading indicating how much energy you have left. This is useful for situations like deciding if you're truly under the weather or just being lazy when skipping a workout. Another unique feature is the oxygen sensor which detects your oxygen saturation levels. The Vivosmart 4 also tracks your sleep and heart rate, giving you a very comprehensive view of your overall health.

When it comes to working out, the Vivosmart 4 tracks activities such as yoga, strength training, running, swimming, and more. One downside is that the device can't read GPS, even when connected to your phone. This leads to inaccurate "distance traveled" readings that may mess with your running measurements. Besides that, the Vivosmart gives you in-depth workout analysis to help you optimize your workout routines. Vivosmart 4 is priced similarly to the Charge 3. On Amazon, it has a decent 3.5 out of 5-star rating.

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A unique little accessory in our review, the Amazfit Bip is an inexpensive smartwatch that tracks your fitness. Amazfit Bip falls between the Moov Now and Fitbit Charge 3. For its price, the Amazfit Bip comes with built-in GPS, already giving it a leg up on its competition for tracking distance traveled. Along with the GPS, the smartwatch tracks steps, heart rate, sleep, and calories burned. There are also modes that give more detailed information if you decide to go running or cycling.

The Amazfit Bip is perfect for someone who wants to casually monitor their fitness. Along with fitness tracking, the smartwatch gives you notifications for apps and messages on your phone. The battery life of the Bip is also phenomenal, lasting up to more than a month. As for the negatives, the watch uses the barebones Mi-Fit app to compile your health data. Also, the watch sometimes has issues syncing with your phone. These drawbacks aren't dealbreakers, though, if you're looking for a more laid-back fitness tracker than the Vivosmart 4. Rated 3.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, the Amazfit Bip captures a sweet spot between the Moov Now and Fitbit Charge 3.

The Moov Now: Pros and Cons

After reading our Moov Now review, you can see the device is almost like an interactive workout routine. It coaches you and monitors your workouts, but only if they're the few workouts included in the app. Outside of the exercises, the device isn't too great at recording your overall health.


  • Extensive workout analysis
  • Live coaching
  • Affordable


  • Requires smartphone
  • Robotic voice
  • No GPS or heart rate monitor

Is the Moov Now Worth Purchasing?

To sum up our Moov Now review, this wearable is ideal for someone looking to start exercising. If you already have a regimen that works for you, the Moov Now won't help you very much. The Moov Now is most useful for someone who's new to exercising who could use coaching and encouragement. From tips on improving your form to measurable progress, the Moov Now can help a couch potato find their passion for fitness.

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