How to Edit GoPro Videos on Every Device and Any OS

how to edit gopro videos

You've shot a bunch of footage on your GoPro, now what? What if you could learn how to edit GoPro videos across multiple devices, regardless of the operating system? GoPro CEO Nick Woodman didn't market the action camera as hardware but rather as a new and unique way to tell (and share) our stories. But sharing those stories has been difficult. In fact, statistics show that most GoPro videos are no-gos when it comes to sharing.

Getting a shareable video requires us to wait until we get back home. Then we have to spend a few hours editing before we have sharable footage. That means most users never share their stories because they get bogged down during the editing process. But editing can be a lot of fun. And thanks to new software, it doesn't have to be hard. Algorithms can help you discover all the best parts, remove content that isn’t needed, add in fun sound effects or our favorite tunes, and end up with loads of shareable experiences.

Modern editing includes three distinct workflows. First, you prepare raw files for editing. Next, choose the appropriate non-linear editing software. Finally, manipulate content to get to the best stuff, add music and sound effects, and upload to your favorite sharing platform.

Preparing GoPro Videos for Editing

First, before we take you through how to edit GoPro videos, we'll talk about getting all of the material off of the camera and onto an edit-ready drive for formatting using GoPro's CineForm Studio software. There are several steps needed to prepare files for conversion.

Steps for converting GoPro files


GoPro’s default file format is H.264. But that’s not designed for editing on other devices. To save your data into a file format for editing. This GoPro/CineForm format works with most popular editing applications.

  • 1
    Start-up GoPro CineForm Studio. Use the “import new files” command from the left-hand corner
  • 2
    Select the clip from the bin to open in your playback window. Use “in” button and “out” button to trim your video
  • 3
    Create a name for your video file and choose the location for the converted clips
  • 4
    Set the resolution, frame size, file format, quality, and resolution of converted clips, or leave at the default
  • 5
    Click the “add” button to send the clip to your conversion list and repeat

How to Edit GoPro Videos Using GoPro's Fusion Studio App

This software comes with Fusion GoPros. However, it is a great all-around editing software that is available for free. You can take your edits to the next level. From streamlined offloading and advanced editing to adding effects and sharing, GoPro Fusion Studio has all the tools you need to transform your Fusion content into pro-quality videos, photos, and VR stories.

Key features of Fusion Studio software

GoPro Fusion

There are a few unique features that make the Fusion Studio App helpful in editing. For example, you can quickly stitch together high-resolution footage. No need to prepare files from your Fusion camera; just import directly into the software. Adjust colors using preset filters or by manually fine-tuning. Transform videos with Little Planet, fish-eye, and other interesting effects. This software is available for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. So, it allows you to edit across multiple devices. If you have a Fusion GoPro camera, this software is also onboard.

How to Edit GoPro Videos Using GoPro's QUIK Desktop for Windows and Mac

The QUIK desktop app is perfect for building 30-second shorts. It’s perfect for editing for use on social media. QUIK is a free app that does just what it says. You can even access a tutorial for editing with QUIK from the camera’s embedded Help files. Incidentally, there is no opt-out for information sharing. So, if privacy is important to you, you’ll want to find different software to use.

QUIK for Android and iOS

Quik Desktop

This free editing app is available for Android and iOS. It’s one of the easiest apps in GoPro's arsenal. QUIK automatically creates polished, edited videos within a few minutes. The intuitive process is as simple as picking out the videos or pictures from your library which you want to show in your movie, and QUIK will do the rest.

Cons of the QUIK app are that you can only use the GoPro images and videos that you’ve stored in your phone's library. However, you can mix the GoPro footage with those taken with your phone, if you want.

How to Edit GoPro Videos Using Your Mac OS and Final Cut Pro

FinalCut Pro

Are you bored with the built-in tools from GoPro? Fresh out of the box, with the latest version of Final Cut Pro, you’ll get 10 new transitions. Transimatic from SquidFX comprises a set of 10 transitions that swing, slide, and fold the incoming and outgoing clips on an FCPX timeline. Plugins for Final Cut Pro have really evolved since the first GoPro software hit the market.

While you don’t need as much programming knowledge to get started as you once did with the first iteration, Final Cut Pro is an advanced program that isn’t as user-friendly and intuitive as some other programs. Final Cut Pro costs around $75 to $85. However, if you can manage the learning curve, the result is professionally edited pixel perfect movies.

How to Edit GoPro Videos Using Wondershare’s Filmora 8.0 for Windows and Mac

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora 8.0 by Wondershare is a cool subscription-based video editing software for GoPro footage. Filmora 8.0 compares to Adobe Premiere Elements. However, Filmora costs about half the price of Adobe. Filmora 8.0 meets all of your action camera footage editing needs. Importantly, it comes with two unique tools.

  • 1
    The Action Cam Tool automatically corrects lens distortion. It provides audio de-noise, video stabilizing tools, automatic color correction, and other useful features
  • 2
    The Instant Cutter Tool allows you to trim and merge all video files and causes no quality loss

This software supports H.264 encoded data, so there is no need to transform files. It also supports MP4 and MTS videos shot by most GoPros and Action cams

Best Mobile Apps for Editing GoPro Videos

If you want to edit and deploy your video from your iPad or iPhone, you’ll be interested in finding resourceful and simple to use video editors that make quick work of editing. In addition to QUIK, there are other software apps designed for Androids and iPhones.

How to edit GoPro videos using Splice


Splice is a free app for iOS that combines digital music curation and studio music production with film editing. This iOS app offers traditional video editing but also lets you choose more than a single music track. It allows for manual transitions from video to pictures. Record voice-overs and adds filters to the videos and images. Considering that Splice is a free app that’s easy to use, it’s quite extraordinary.

A few of the most impressive features of Splice includes being able to automatically sync your videos to the beat of your background music. Use the app to apply filters, adjust background colors, and use video orientation. You can add slide titles, text overlays, and record a custom outro. Easily change video playback speed while you trim and crop videos. Is your footage one dimensional? Bring photos and video clips to life with different pan and zoom effects.

Finally, professionally trim or mix audio tracks with precision, choosing from a vast selection of free music and sound effects. Also, you can use original music or songs from your collection. Add narration and custom sound effects using the built-in voice recorder.

How to edit GoPro videos using Antix


Antix is a free app for iOS and Android that works with both GoPro and smartphone video. Videos taken with the iOS and smartphone apps use the motion sensors from your phone to detect when action is happening. It's very similar to the GoPro technology using sensors to work on the cameras to collect video. The most exciting part of the application is that it allows you to combine GoPro footage with smartphone footage. The software even recommends key scenes by making a sophisticated comparison of the recorded motion from your phone with the help of the video stream of your GoPro. Antix is created with Linux and is actively in development as open source software.

How to edit GoPro videos using the iMovie app for iPhone and iPad


Owners of iPhone and iPads are already familiar with the fast and powerful video editor that also allows you to edit your GoPro footage professionally. All you need to do is copy the footage into your iOS device and launch your iMovie app.

iMovie is the first video editing software that a lot of people ever tried. That’s because it gets the job done without a lot of extra bells, whistles, knobs, and buttons. Excess features are overwhelming when you're new to editing videos. That's reason number one to use iMovie for editing your GoPro footage. With iMovie, you have a convenient interface to access, store, and edit your media. From the preview window, you have a timeline to work from.

Another reason iMovie is a great option is that it’s free. But don’t let the price tag fool you! iMovie is a robust software packed with features. Even if you just learn to edit using iMovie and find you need access to more sophisticated features, you can always upgrade later to Final Cut Pro.

How to edit GoPro videos using 10app for Android


The 10app for Android application connects directly to your GoPro cam through Bluetooth or WiFi connections. So, it can automatically transfer video to your mobile device in real time. The technology uses an algorithm that identifies the most exciting scenes from your recordings and then groups them into editable and shareable bits. You may choose to add background sounds from the video, background tracks, or other sound effects to your video. Use your phone's mic to record voice-overs or choose from an extensive collection of licensed tracks.

Interestingly, this app also edits drone footage.

Pro Tips for Editing GoPro Videos

We have some pro tips to make editing your videos as painless as possible.

1. Keep it short and sweet

One of the most significant mistakes that amateur action film editors make is uploading video clips that are far too long. Filmmaker Jason Brubaker who teaches courses in “shorts” suggests keeping your action video short. Skip the drama and save all the action by editing video clips to between three and five minutes. You may have videoed the most exciting trail ride in the world, but most people will tune-out and turn-off after a few minutes.

2. Have a plan and stick to it

Knowing ahead of time that you are going to edit your film to five minutes or less of action will help you create more high energy moments. The more you plan, the better your video will be. When you look at highly polished GoPro videos, you get a sense that the editing started before the filming even began.

3. Get the right angle

One of the special features about action cams, and about GoPros in particular, is that you can choose where to mount your POV camera. If you are filming a bike ride, handlebar mounts offer the easiest solution. However, they also have the most shake and movement distortion. Consider all possible angles. Perhaps a head or chest mount would be better for filming some shots.

4. Get other points of view

We are accustomed to seeing action films from the POV of one participant. However, other options exist. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different POVs. Strap a GoPro to your riding buddy’s back and then create exciting activities within the shot.

GoPro Editing Wrap-Up

Many weekend warriors take hours of video and then download all of it to a place no one else will ever see it. Why? Because most people think that learning how to edit GoPro videos is too time-consuming or technically challenging to master. And that doesn’t even begin to take into consideration the expense of learning how to edit GoPro videos.

Final Cut Pro is the most sophisticated software available. However, it’s hard to learn and not for everyone. Still, there are plenty of other options. In fact, GoPro editing software works with every device and across all operating systems. And you don’t have to pay for a program to get professional results either. Today, there are many programs available at no cost. iMovie and 10app are two excellent options for anyone interested in editing GoPro videos from home movies to nail-biting mountain bike footage.

Be sure to follow all the pro tips we offered to improve your editing experience. Remember that by capturing less video, but better video will make editing more accessible and fun.


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